Seagate Skyhawk Surveillance Hard Drive

From: £52.95

Surveillance Optimized Hard Drive
Capacities from 1TB to 10TB Storage
Reduces Dropped Frames
Supports up to 64 HD Camera’s
Smooth, Clear Video Streaming 24/7



SkyHawk drive Smart,Safe, Secure and optimised for DVRs and NVRs, SkyHawk surveillance drives are tuned for 24×7 workloads in capacities up to 10TB. Equipped with enhanced Image Perfect firmware, SkyHawk helps to minimise dropped frames and downtime witha workload rating 3× that of a desktop drive and is ready to record up to 90% of the time while supporting up to 64 HD cameras.

Smart Surveillance

SkyHawk’s innovative ImagePerfect and ImagePerfect AI firmware enables smooth, clear video streaming for always-on, 24×7 surveillance environments—helping to ensure your business has a formidable layer of protection. Plus ImagePerfect AI minimises AI data integrity loss for even better performance.

Keep Your Drive Healthy

SkyHawk Health Management (SHM) is first-to-market with in-depth analysis that helps to prevent data loss. SHM analyzes and provides detailed information on how to improve storage performance. SHM is built into Hikvision NVR 4.0 OS systems and select Dahua NVR systems.

SkyHawk delivers performance and reliability to our customers

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