Pyronix Twin Alert Combined Internal Speaker & Sounder

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Pyronix Twin Alert Combined Internal Speaker & Sounder combines both a speaker and sounder in a single unit. It eliminates the need for two separate products situated in two different locations.

The speaker element of the Twin Alert will mimic keypad tones and the sounds associated with the setting and unsetting of a system. The volume of the tones can be adjusted to suit individual requirements. The primary purpose of the speaker is to enable users to hear confirmation that the system has set correctly upon leaving the property

The Internal Sounder will only activate on alarm and will override the pre-set speaker volume level, providing a siren output of 100 decibels at 1 metre. This high volume internal siren acts as a deterrent to intruders and will also alert any inhabitants.

The Twin Alert is manufactured at Pyronix using state of the art technology which ensures consistently high quality and excellent reliability. The components of the Twin Alert are protected in a robust 3mm thick case and will blend in with any interior decor and can be mounted in a number of ways; i.e. on the ceiling or in the corner of a room.


  • Internal Speaker/Sounder
  • Over 100dBA peak sound output.
  • Speaker repeater with alarm override.
  • Locally adjustable speaker volume setting.
  • Volume override on an alarm.
  • Self contained siren generator.
  • Compatible with all bell trigger outputs.
  • Multi-mount enclosure
  • Unique 5 way cable entry system for easy installation.
  • High interference immunity (EN50130-4).
  • Design application pending.
  • Patent pending.
  • ABS Polished finished.
  • Robust 3mm case thickness.
  • 2 year manufacturers warranty.