NEWlink 8 Way HDMI Splitter (4K)

  • Duplicates HDMI signal to two, four or eight displays
  • Supports up to 4K resolutions
  • Can be cascaded
  • Support 3D
  • Supports HDCP
  • Installs in seconds, no settings required
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NEWlink 8 Way HDMI Splitter (4K) is a distribution hub that sends the same HDMI output to multiple displays such as HDTV’s or monitors. They can be cascaded to allow a larger distribution. Simply connect the source to splitter and splitter to displays with HDMI cables to enjoy a high quality visual experience. Capable of up to 4K resolution and 3D.

Recommended cable distance is 5mtr from source to splitter and 15mtr from the splitter to display.