Datalogic Touch 90 Light 1D Barcode Scanner

£63.95 inc VAT

Affordable linear imager for 1D barcodes
Versions with 65 mm and 90 mm scanning widths
Acoustic and optical scan confirmation
Including a practical holder for hands-free scanning
Investment protection: 5-year warranty

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Datalogic Touch 90 Light 1D Barcode Scanner  TD1100 series are at the top of the list. The hand scanners are a corded solution for retail, maintenance, warehousing and the workshop. They deliver reliable performance in capturing conventional 1D, postal and stacked codes, particularly using applications with a low to middle output of goods. The Touch TD1100 series is designed for short reading distances, from direct contact up to a maximum distance of 15 cm.

In order to meet the most varying requirements Datalogic offers the Touch TD1100 imager series with 2 reading widths and various connection combinations. This guarantees target-oriented operation with the appropriate device, plus you only pay for what you actually need. The Touch 65 Lite reads up to 6.5 cm wide barcodes; the Touch 90 Lite up to 9 cm wide barcodes, and both are available with a dual interface. An additional variant in the series are the Touch Pro models with a multi-interface.

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