Currency Checker Pen

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  • Easy Counterfeit Note Checking Pen
  • Test Notes in Less Than a Second
  • Lasts up to 12,000 Notes
  • Very Easy and Simple to Use
  • Prevent Fake Notes from Entering Your Business!

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Worried about fake notes in your business? Need a fast and reliable way to check notes?

We now have the perfect solution for you and your staff, with extremely minimal training required. This Currency Checker Pen is exactly what it says in the title, and it allows you to check whether a note is real or fake within a second.

How it Works:

Simply draw a line on the note with Currency Checker Pen, if the line is not visible or a light amber colour, the note is genuine, but if your line appears a dark brown or black, then the note is fake.

Extremely simple and easy to use, and is used by all the major high street retailers today.