Crossmatch U.are.U 5300 USB Reader

Crossmatch U.are.U 5300 USB Reader

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Fingerprint reader which meets US security standards
Quick and secure data transfer via USB 2.0
Fully functional from -10° to +50° C
Reliably rejects counterfeit fingerprints
Protected against electrostatic charges

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With the Crossmatch U.are.U 5300 USB Reader you get a fingerprint reader for the highest demands in security and reliability. It meets US access control standards FIPS 201/PIV and FBI Mobile ID FAP 30 and is designed for high scanning volumes. These qualities particularly pre-destine it for usage in government agencies, for example for capturing voters, but it also proves itself in civilian sectors (such as in finance and healthcare). Connect it via a high-speed USB 2.0 interface.