Cat5 to VGA Extender up to 80m

£19.99 inc VAT

  • Extend the VGA signal up to 80 meters away by using the VGA Extender and one CAT5/CAT6 cable
  • Supports “power over cable” technique, only one unit (Local or Remote) needs to connect to PSU
  • Both “Local” and “Remote” can act as the PSE (power source equipment)
  • Maximum resolution: 2048 x 1536 60Hz (Dependant on length of extension)
  • Equalization length is adjustable
  • VGA signal gain is adjustable
  • Metal Housing
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Extend the distance between the PC and the display by 80 meters. The local unit receives the video signal from the PC and sends the signal to the remote unit(s) through a length of Cat5e cable. The remote unit connects to the display monitor. The power supply can be connected to either the local or remote unit.

The VGA output can be adjusted via EQ and GAIN controls on the underside of remote unit.

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