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57mm x 40mm Thermal Roll (100 Rolls) – 5 Boxes

£28.05 inc VAT


  • Quantity in Pack – 100
  • Suitable For – Credit Card Terminals, PDQ Machines, Just Eat Terminal and Other Food Ordering Terminals.
  • High Grade Thermal Paper, Allowing You Better Printing Quality
  • Size – 57mm x 40m
  • Paper Weight – 58GSM
  • Epson Approved & NEXT DAY DELIVERY!



TronicPos 57mm x 40mm Thermal Rolls (100 Rolls). High Quality White Thermal Paper Rolls, allowing you get the most out of your machine.

Do you require a larger pack? Please Call Us On 02476 688590 to Discuss Your Requirements.

57mm x 40mm Compatibility List

Manufacturer Model
Ingenico EFT930, EFT930B, EFT930G, EFT930P, EFT930W, ICT220, ICT250, IWL200, IWL220, IWL221, IWL222, IWL250, IWL251, IWL252, IPP320, IPP350
Verifone VX670, VX520, VX680, 600
Able AP1200, AP824, AP824B, AP842, AP842B, AP860
Ascom EFT-20P
Axalto Magic 5100, X1000, X100
Barclays ICT250, IPP350
Bixolon SPP-R200, SRP-R200
Cardsave 5100, 7780 (Portable), 7910 (Mobile), ICT250
Citizen CMP-10/BT
Elite 710
Epson S2500THS
Extech S1500T, S2500TEF, S3500T
Gemalto Magic 1000, 5100, X1000
Matsu Dionica
Natwest Streamline Ocius VX670
Sagem EFT-930G, Matsu EFT-930-SEM, Monetel EFT 930-B, Monetel EFT 930-G, Monetel EFT 930P, Monetel EFT 930S, Monetel EFT 930S-GM, Monetel EFT 930-W, R360
Samsung Bixolon SPP-R200, SRP-R200
Schlumberger Magic 5100, X1000
Streamline ICT250, VX670
Touchstar Touchpod 57mm
Spire T4220, T4230, M4230, M4240, SPC-50, SPW-60, SWP-70
Payment Sense, PS Connect M4230, M4240, T4220
Paypoint Paypoint