Invest in a Lockbox and Protect Your CCTV System

We encourage our customers to invest in a DVR/NVR lock box in order to protect their recording systems. The majority of our customers are using CCTV solutions to protect their property/business from theft or break ins, so whilst CCTV cameras work as a visual deterrant, if they don’t stop somebody entering your property, you definitely want your recording solution to be completely safe and not get damaged or stolen.

Our Lockboxes are made of steel, and have a hinged front panel, along with a removeable top cover for easy access. They are locked and supplied with 2 sets of keys. We have models both with and without fans, however all lock boxes have ventilation on both sides.

We have Lockbox solutions for 4, 8, 16 and 32 Channel DVR or NVRs.

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