Home or Business? Keep Yourself Secure in 2019!

The need to secure your homes and businesses can never be overstated. The crime rate has surged significantly all across the UK nowadays, requiring you to give your security a serious concern. It seems every day we see a new video, with criminal activities.

In most cases, a good security solution is not only a great deterrent that can help you prevent any possible criminal activity in the first place, but it can also help gain useful information if you are unlucky to be subjected to such an unfortunate event – and best of all, its a lot cheaper in price, thank most people think.

Crime Rates Worsening in the UK

According to some recent statistics shared by the ‘Office for National Statistics’ a surge in recorded crime has been observed across England and Wales of late; for instance, a 17% increase in the burglary was recorded, based on crime filings latest police report ending September 2018.

This report by ‘The Guardian’ offers further insight into burglary, highlighting the rise in home burglary in particular. According to this report, domestic burglary has seen a significant 32% increase recently, the figures growing to a massive 261,965 in total.

These findings indicate our vulnerability and susceptibility to such heinous crimes, which can not only affect common people like us financially but also psychologically and emotionally. Such figures suggest quite a frightening scenario, with the possibility of 8 out of every 1,000 people facing the possibility of a burglary. However having the correct security measures in place, can significantly reduce the risk.

Are Businesses More at Risk?

‘Businesses most definitely face higher risks, and need to make sure they are not easy targets.’

In fact, home burglary is not the only trend catching up nowadays. Businesses have also been exposed to increased instances of burglary in the last few years. A recently published survey by the government, i.e. “The 2017 Commercial Victimisation Survey” reveals that 116,000 businesses across the UK were exposed to burglary-related crimes through 2016-2017. Based on these findings, experts suggest that 326 out of every 1,000 businesses are expected to be victimised at the hands of burglars.

One of the reasons why burglars prefer businesses is the fact that they expect a higher “ROI” (pun-intended!) for their “business ventures” compared to the domestic ones.

Nowadays, most business places are expected to have desktop computers, if not laptops, with much higher probability of having some extra mobile phones as well. There are also chances of many businesses having various types of tools, machinery and other kind of inventory stored on site. Such things surely sound more lucrative to the potential burglars, enticing them to make businesses their preferred targets for burglary attempts.

There’s another aspect of vandalising businesses though, they are likely to be targeted multiple times. Talking of the businesses that participated in the survey mentioned above, each business experienced a burglary 3 times on average.

Since burglars are able to make estimates about the kind of money a business makes while vandalising it for the first time, in addition to being familiarised with the business vicinity, perhaps they believe their chances of doing it successfully again are higher, especially when business do not put in the correct measures to prevent it from happening again. We sometimes find that business do try to put in security equipment to prevent crime, but without knowledge, and trying to save money, they can often not put in the wrong equipment.

So, What Does All of This Signify?

I didn’t mean to startle you by sharing all these stats and figures. In fact, what I want is to increase the awareness about the need of viable security measures against such crimes, as they say, ‘a stitch in time saves nine’.

Not being able to see the writing on the wall despite the clear picture painted by the facts and figures shared above is not such a wise way to live by. Whether it’s your abode or business place, leaving its security to chance (or even conventional security measures like locks and latches) can expose you to some real problems, in short term as well as long term.

This is where we step in, TronicExtreme. We can help you with your security concerns whether you are looking for reliable security solutions for your homes or workplaces. We specialize in providing top quality home and business security essentials. If you are unsure of what you need, you can call us, email us, or come into our live chat and get real advice about what you need, making sure you get the right equipment to make your property secure.

A Little About Us?

Established in 2009, we boast of a whole decade of experience in offering superb quality home and business security solutions and our top priority is to cater your security concerns with best quality home and business security essentials.

We offer a huge array of superb quality security solutions, eliminating the need of your 24/7 presence at your home or business. Whether you need a DIY system, or you are a professional installer, you will have the right product to cater for your needs.

Our product portfolio is broadly segmented into two categories:

CCTV (Some of the Brands We Stock: Hikvision, QVIS, MaxxOne, TronicVision) ALARMS (Some of the Brands We Stock: Visonic, Texecom, Pyronix, Honeywell)


Comprising of surveillance cameras, recorders and visual display units, CCTV stands for ‘Closed Circuit TV’, a setup designed to monitor activities in a home, workplace or anywhere you want to do so. You can also connect these cameras to a recording device or IP network, which enable you to observe activities in an area remotely from your Smart Phone, Computer or Tablet.

Rapid technological advances have led to development of various types of surveillance cameras, each of which differs slightly from the other, primarily serving the same purpose, i.e. monitoring an area at will. So, we offer different types of CCTV cameras:

Named so because of their dome-like structure, dome cameras have become a quite a handy accessory for surveillance systems whether you need them within the confines of homes or at work places. In fact, you can also get to adjust the focal distance of the camera’s lens to a pinpoint location using a ‘varifocal’ dome camera. You can get different types of dome camera’s depending on the placement of the camera, but the majority of scenarios can be secured using a standard fixed lens dome.

Bullet Cameras:

Another of the most commonly sought-after CCTV Camera option, the size, and shape of the bullet camera justifies its name. Mostly, bullet cameras are available in both small and large sizes, starting from 2 to 2.5 inches long, limited to specific focal lengths. Some people also like referring to the bullet cameras as ‘lipstick cameras’. Bullet Style Cameras are mostly used in large business premises, and more often than not in an outdoor area. The camera has a more intimidating style and is more noticeable.

Hidden Cameras:

Also known as ‘spy cams’, hidden cameras can be used to get a still image as well as video recording without letting people around there notice it.

Anti Vandal Cameras:

These are vandal resistant as well as weather-resistant dome cameras, which can help you secure an indoor as well as outdoor location. Anti-vandal cameras are often characterized by their solid bases and polycarbonate vandal-resistant plastic covers. These are best for video surveillance of locations highly susceptible to some sort of vandalizing activity.

Ultra Night Vision Cameras:

We also offer ultra night vision cameras that enable you to record and view activities going on in a dark place, which would otherwise be invisible to normal human eyes. Resultantly, you will be able to view a monochrome image of such a recording on a normal display device.

Top CCTV Brands You Can Get at Tronic Extreme Hikvision QVIS MaxxOne TronicVision All these are top quality brands known for their best quality and efficient performance all across the UK. We have been taking good care of our clients’ security concerns using these top brands for around a decade and surely know that these offer you the best value for your money. ii) ALARMS A security alarm is meant to detect, deter and counter unwanted intrusions into residential or commercial premises. If you are apprehensive about the security of a place, you better resort to a security alarm to deter burglars, making sure your personal belongings and property remain safe and sound. Top Alarm Brands You Can Get at TronicExtreme Visonic Texecom Pyronix Honeywell These are the best-sellers when it comes to security alarm systems and our experience spanned over a whole decade also reflects the same. That’s why we have showcased them as a part of our product portfolio. Takeaway We have been able to survive and thrive in this highly competitive industry for this long because we believe in offering the best to our clients. Whether you are looking for security cameras or security alarms for your homes or businesses, we are always here for you. So, please feel free to communicate with us whether it’s appreciation, complaint, or a mere query. You will get a prompt response and the best solution to your concern.




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