Pyronix Security Systems FAQs

Q1. How Do I Find my System ID?

You can check the System ID in the Master Manager Menu of the control panel.

Press the D key then enter the Master Manager Code.

Press NO until ‘SET UP APP DATA?’ is displayed then press YES

Continue to press YES until ‘System ID’ is displayed and make a note of it (this can’t be changed and unique to the panel).

Repeatedly press NO until ‘EXIT MANAGER MENU?’ is displayed and press ‘YES’ to return to day mode.

Q2. How long do batteries last in a Pyronix Enforcer alarm?

Under normal circumstances and typical usage, the batteries in all current Pyronix wireless devices should last up to two years. However, the battery in the MK1 Shock Sensor (legacy product) can last for up to one year.

If the alarm has excessive use or poor signal strength this can adversely affect the battery life.

After 2 years, Pyronix recommended changing all the batteries – This includes the panel, sensors, and outdoor sirens.

If you are unsure which battery you need, you can click here to view our Pyronix battery guide.

Q3. How do I know if my batteries need replacing?

When a battery reaches the end of its life and needs to be replaced, it sends a ‘Low Battery’ message, or a ‘Supervision Fault’ will be indicated on the panel, warning you that the battery requires replacing. We recommend that batteries are replaced routinely after two years (one year in the case of the Mk1 Shock Sensor).

The Enforcer 32-WE monitors the batteries of each wireless device and is defined by the following displays:

Battery Low UXX (U = Keyfobs. XX = User Number)
Battery Low IXX (I = Inputs. XX = Input Number)
Battery Low BXX (B = Bell. XX = Bell Number)

If battery low is displayed it is advisable to replace the battery within 28 days of this message being shown.

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