What is CCTV?

CCTV stands for Close Circuit Television. It is used for surveillance of
your property or valuable items. There are many different types of CCTV
Camera’s to suit your different environments and different needs. CCTV Camera’s
connect to a Digital Video Recorder which is also known as a DVR. The DVR is
main box which controls and stores all of your CCTV recordings. The DVR
connects to your TV or Monitor to display all the relevant CCTV footage. DVR’s
come in 4 Channel, 8 Channel, 16 Channel and 32 Channel, the number of channels
relate to the amount of camera’s which can be attached. There are many
different types of DVR’s which allow different functions and features depending
on your needs, so before selecting a DVR and CCTV Camera’s for your premises,
please make sure it is suitable for your requirements, if you are unsure,
please call us on 02476 688590 to discuss your requirements.

 Why Should I Buy From You?

All of our CCTV Camera’s, Equipment and DVR’s are the latest in the
Market, high quality, and very easy to use, allowing you to get the most from
your system. Not only do our products make us the company to buy from, but our
5 star service, fast delivery and amazing after sales support keep us one step
ahead of all the other companies in the market. We may not be lowest priced on
the market, but we always try to keep our costs low, and maintain our high
quality. All of our camera’s use the latest Sony Wide Angle Lenses.

 Is CCTV Easy to Install?

Over the years CCTV has become a lot more easier for the inexperienced
user to install. If you are looking to purchase a kit from our site, we make
all of our kits plug and play so they can be installed in the shortest time,
and there is no technical work involved. If you do at any point get stuck while
installing any of our equipment, please call us for help.

 How Do I Know Which Camera To Buy?

Knowing which CCTV Camera to buy can be a difficult task for a first time
user. Firstly understand the area you want to cover and which type of surveillance
you need, are you looking to get a general overview of your premises, or do you
need to see little details which go on? Does the camera’s need to be able to
see when there is no light (for example at night) or will they only be used for
monitoring in the day? Once you know what each camera needs to do, you can then
look on our website in our indoor camera’s and outdoors camera’s sections to
see which camera would best suit your needs, if you are still unsure simply
contact us to discuss your requirements, so we can recommend a camera which is
for you. We don’t recommend you to buy any old camera if you don’t know what
you’re looking for as it may just not be suitable for your environment.


I Already Have a CCTV System and Just Want To Add a Camera, Are Your
Camera’s Compatible?

All of our CCTV Camera’s use a BNC Connection which is industry standard
so with all systems that are being sold today, they are compatible, however if
your CCTV system is over 10 years  old,
you may need to check which connections your DVR accepts before purchasing a

 Can I View My Camera’s from My Computer or Mobile Phone?

All of our DVR’s are compatible to be viewed while you are not at the
premises, so they can be viewed either on your Computer, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile
Phone. Please note that it only supports Mobiles Phones are iPhones, or running
Android Operating System.

 How Do I Know If I Need CCTV?

Whether you’re looking to protect your business, home, or any other
personal possession, CCTV is now at an affordable cost, which also gives you an
amazingly clear picture, we recommend everyone to buy CCTV not only does it
keep you and your premises safe, but will also act as a deterrent for
criminals, a lost cost CCTV solution could help you save money in the future,
so it will not just be an expense, but a healthy investment.

 if you’re looking to purchase CCTV

for your business, then CCTV is a must have, every business should not have
CCTV to monitor customers and staff, to make sure you and your customers are
benefitting from a safe and friendly environment.

 Can You Install The CCTV For Me?

We do now offer an installation service, if you do require this please
contact us to see if you fall into the area’s where we can install.

 If I Have a Problem Who Do I Contact?

If you get any problems with the equipment you purchase from us, please
contact us directly, most of our warranty issues are dealt with in house, so no
need to send your items to China, or any foreign countries, we offer you the
warranty direct, unlike many other companies, simply send your item back to us,
and we will resolve the problem for you. 90% of the time all problems can be
resolved by phone or email, but if your item does go faulty, just remember we
are always here to help.

02476 688590